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VA7400 Failure's

Dave Thomson
Super Advisor

VA7400 Failure's


Windows enviroment.

In the past week we have had 2 disastorus failures on our VA7400. The first resulted in a format and a reload from tape.
Last night we had a similar issue, the only difference being we did not have any error lights on the devices.
Below is a part of the log file created by the VA when the issues started. If possable could someone mabey tell me what most of it means.

2 50060B000008AC78 December 11, 2003 5:26:45 PM CAT HP StorageWorks Virtual Array 7400 148345 JA0/C2 117 1 1 0 loop/enclosureId/slot : 0x00/0x00/0x81 The JBOD ESD returned CHECK CONDITION status with sense information not handled by the JBOD error recovery algorithms. The JBOD retries are exhausted or the I/O is not retryable. Target Sense Key = 0xff -- Target ASC = 0xff -- Target ASCQ = 0xff -- Target Physical LBA = 0x00 -- 11029657943246 serialNum/moduleId/processId : 00PR04026886/0xb6/0x125 4 M/C2 2 50060B000008AC78 December 11, 2003 5:26:52 PM CAT HP StorageWorks Virtual Array 7400 148346 M/C2.J1 294 1 2 1 enclosureId/slot/component/subcomponent : 0x00/0x01/0x80/0xff BACKEND_SCSI_EVENT_EH An error occurred on the disk interface. These may occur during disk hotplug. More detailed status is available in the event expanded information.
Ckpt 0xa9011f: 0x00000020, 0x0000001f ctlr 1 loop 0
backend: FC Loop Map: 20797a7b7c6d010208030007040605090a0b0c0d0e0f7d6f707172737475767778

11029755633286 serialNum/moduleId/processId : 00PR04026074/0x47/0xffffffff 4 M/C1 2 50060B000008AC78 December 11, 2003 5:35:09 PM CAT HP StorageWorks Virtual Array 7400 148584 M 573 1 240 1 enclosureId/slot/component/subcomponent : 0x00/0xff/0xff/0xff WARNING_ACTIVATED_EH One of the warning indicators has been actviated. Check the extended event information for more information.
classid: 0016, inst: 0010
11029758819634 serialNum/moduleId/processId : 00PR04026886/0x5f/0xffffffff 4 M/C2 2

11030296434626 serialNum/moduleId/processId : 00PR04026074/0x47/0xffffffff 4 M/C1 2 50060B000008AC78 December 11, 2003 6:20:04 PM CAT HP StorageWorks Virtual Array 7400 149007 M/C1.H1 348 1 663 1 enclosureId/slot/component/subcomponent : 0x00/0x00/0x70/0xff FRONTEND_FC_ABTS_EVENT_EH This error code indicates that the Host sent a Fibre Channel ABTS (Abort Sequence) BLS frame to the abort an IO. The array will log this event for informational and debug purposes only. It does not necessarily indicate a problem with the array.
0x17028a: 0x8050
frontend osPortCB: ABTSAbort-JCB
et=59.1 qd=143 hwm=256 jl=0x00002000 dl=0x00002000 ro=0x00000000 js=1
11030297821407 serialNum/moduleId/processId : 00PR04026074/0x47/0xffffffff 4 M/C1 2

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Stuart Urquhart
Frequent Advisor

Re: VA7400 Failure's

In our experience the VA has been a total disaster. Get HP in. Tell them you know there are numerous people experiencing VA failures (just search this forum). Insist they replace it.
Dave Thomson
Super Advisor

Re: VA7400 Failure's

Hello Stuart

Just finished reading the following

Dosnt seem like a very reliable product. I have passed this thread onto HP support and the client.

Thanks for the reply.
Stuart Urquhart
Frequent Advisor

Re: VA7400 Failure's

No probs - I do have a bit of an axe to grind. We had two VAs and numerous problems with both, from mysterious lockups to a complete failure and 40 odd hours downtime. HP didn't seem to ever grasp the seriousness of the problem and haven't given us an explanation of what happened. We ended up chucking them in favour of and EMC box.
Rajesh G. Ghone
Regular Advisor

Re: VA7400 Failure's

Hi Dave,

It looks like ur Controller2 is giving backend SCSI error.
Below are the steps to follow:
1) Check FC cable connectivity between ur VA controller & enclosure i.e. disk port connectivity.
2)Upgrade the VA controller firmware to HP19,Disk firmware to HP09 & if u r having DS2405 then upgrade it to HP04 along with Command View version 1.07.
3)If this doesnt works then u have to contact HP probably they will replace Controller2 or BCC.

Rajesh G.
Rajesh Ghone
Dave Thomson
Super Advisor

Re: VA7400 Failure's


We have had both controllers, cache, the mid plane, and numerous hard drives replaced.

We have lost all the storage 1.4 TB 3 weeks ago.

We lost one of the storage groups on friday - 700 TB.

As far as im concerned the VA7400 is a piece of crap, and dosnt deliver what it should.

It will be replaced in the next 3 weeks by HP - either VA7410 or EVA3000.

Thanks for the reply. Sorry im so negative, just to many late nights trying to fix something that just dosnt want to work properly.