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VA7410 HDD Amber light on

Leon Shen
Frequent Advisor

VA7410 HDD Amber light on

Hi All,

Currently I power on VA7410 with 9x18GB HDDS, I let storage run 24 hours. 1 hard disk led light both on (Green and Amber) and rest Hdds are runing fine. May I ask is the Hdd fault ?



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Shaikh Imran
Honored Contributor

Re: VA7410 HDD Amber light on

Yes this indicated Disk Drive fault.
But i would first check the status from the SDM ( Command View)-->Diagnostics TAB--Disk--
armdsp -a
I would also try to remove and re-insert the disk and see the array config for the status of RAID.

Also see if there is a mail to root from EMS

Then i would suspect the Disk.


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