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VA7410 lock in LUN RAID type

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Regular Advisor

VA7410 lock in LUN RAID type

My understandin of the VA7410 is that it has the autoraid feature moving data between raid 10 and raid 5 is there a way to lock in the LUN to a particular raid type
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James A. Donovan
Honored Contributor

Re: VA7410 lock in LUN RAID type

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Bernhard Mueller
Honored Contributor

Re: VA7410 lock in LUN RAID type

You can only set the VA to use RAID 10 only instead of AUTORAID, thus preventing "dynamic data migration", but you cannot set this for an individual LUN.

Roger Buckthal_2
Frequent Advisor

Re: VA7410 lock in LUN RAID type

If the reserved LUN capacity (the total capacity of the LUNs you have created) for an RG is less then the R1 threshold, the array will use only R1 for that RG.

It's not per LUN, but per RG.

This is a dynamic calculation, you can either add disks or delete LUNs. Once the RG reaches this threshold the array will start converting the data to R1.

It also works the other way. If you currently have a R1 RG, and you create more LUNs, the array will start converting the data to RAID 5DP.

This threshold, also known as the Magic Capacity, is not easy or simple to compute. It will be less than half of physical capcity of the RG due to overhead and reserved capacities. But exactly how much is difficult to compute.

I have a program to do so, but it is too big to distribute via this forum. Reply with the number and sizes of disks, and I (or someone else) can compute the Magic Capacity for you.