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Vdisk Deletion in Progress after many days (EVA5000)

Timo Steylen

Vdisk Deletion in Progress after many days (EVA5000)

We delete a VDISK. After many days the status still stays on "Deletion in progress"...

How can i resolve this issue? Reboot the concerning controller?

EVA5000 3.028/CVE 6.0.2 (very old stuff :-) )

Sudhakar Subramaniam
Trusted Contributor

Re: Vdisk Deletion in Progress after many days (EVA5000)

In most cases, resynching the controllers from the Field Service Page will recover from the lock state and allow the deletion to complete.

When a resync does not work, the call has to be elevated to a higher level for a repair image to complete the VDISK deletion.

Once the repair image is run and the VDISKS are deleted, the Disk Group will mark deletion completed.