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What EVA4000 Instant-on license's expiration would cause?

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stephen peng
Valued Contributor

What EVA4000 Instant-on license's expiration would cause?


Someone re-installed the SMA cause the os crashed, and got attached messages entering CommandView EVA. It said that the Instant-on license would expire in 18 days. So what would happen when it come to the deadline? Was the SMA re-install erased the former license? How could I get the original license? I saw there was a valid "CV General" license at "License Key Expiration Status", would it take effect after the Instant-on license's expiration?





Acclaimed Contributor

Re: What EVA4000 Instant-on license's expiration would cause?

No need to worry.



You have an unlimited command view license installed (see last line).


All licenses are stored directly on the EVA, not on the SMA.


Only the instant on licenses will expire.


So if you don't use BC or CA, nothing will change.

Hope this helps!

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Thomas Martin
Trusted Contributor

Re: What EVA4000 Instant-on license's expiration would cause?



you have one problem. There's a missing basic license for CV. The installed license is only an upgrade license to unlimited. Without a basic license your CV will stop working in dealing with Vdisks. Check your license under there you can download the specific basic license for your EVA system. Log in with an account who has generated the license keys.