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What are EMC Symmetrix "DRV" drives in "symdev list"?

Stuart Abramson_2
Honored Contributor

What are EMC Symmetrix "DRV" drives in "symdev list"?

When I do a "symdev list" I get some volumes that look like this:

047E Not Visible ???:? 16C:C5 RAID-S RW 8714
047F Not Visible ???:? 16D:D7 RAID-S RW 8714
0480 Not Visible ???:? 01A:CA DRV RW 8714
0481 Not Visible ???:? 16C:DA DRV RW 8714

What are the "DRV" volumes? I suspect that they have something to do with hot sparing or Symmetrix Optimizer or something like that....
David Child_1
Honored Contributor

Re: What are EMC Symmetrix "DRV" drives in "symdev list"?


The DRV volumes are used with EMC's Optimizer software. I believe their function is to act as temporary storage while data is being mirgrated to new drives as determined by the Optimizer software.

You can't use them for anything else as far as I know. Since they are showing up as "Not Visible ???:?" it doesn't appear that this host as access to them anyway (I don't think any host will have access to them).

Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: What are EMC Symmetrix "DRV" drives in "symdev list"?

David is correct,

"DRV (Dynamic Reallocation Volume) A DRV is a non-addressable unit of storage used by the Optimizer to hold the user enterprise data while reconfiguration of the devices is executed."

You can see the device, but you will be unable to use it.

symdev show which will probably show the device status as "write Disabled"

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