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Windows XP and Autoraid 12H

Glenn A. Mitchell
Valued Contributor

Windows XP and Autoraid 12H

Installing an Autoraid 12H on an MPE system. Trying to manage the array on a Windows XP SP2 system. No problem installing the ARM software and the server sees the array. Did the install after installing XP's SNMP service.

My problem is I do a client install on another machine on the same network and it can't find the ARM server. I can browse the server's shared ARM directory and SNMP was installed on this box before I installed the client software.

Anyone have any suggestions for how to proceed from here to get remote management working?
Glenn A. Mitchell
Valued Contributor

Re: Windows XP and Autoraid 12H

Needed to open up port 34604 for both UDP and TCP traffic on the Windows XP server system.

Problem resolved.