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Wipe Disk Array

Occasional Visitor

Wipe Disk Array

I have several servers from various manufactureres (mostly Compaq) with RAID5 configurations. The company is closing down and I need to start selling the servers. I need to "wipe" the drives. Wipe.exe works fine for workstations and basic SCSI but what can I use for drives on RAID controllers.
We are closing and I'm looking
clay bowman
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Re: Wipe Disk Array

Download the Erase Utility from the\support web site. That should do it.
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Re: Wipe Disk Array

I have the CD and saw the system erase utility but I have found nothing to indicate that it will actually do a low level format or at least overwrite the drive with 0's. What is to stop someone from removing the drive installing it on a standard SCSI card and running a restore utility?
We are closing and I'm looking
scott fuhrman_2
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Re: Wipe Disk Array

If you have the arrays hooked up to a Unix host, you could use the dd command and just completely write over everything on the device, or write random data.

Something like 'dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdx bs=1024k' or 'dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sdx bs=1024k' would work, adjusting it to your needs.

Read up on dd if you are not familiar with it. This would write over the device at the block level, and make any previous data written very hard to access. Doing it multiple times would make it extremely hard to recover any real data, but is probably unecessary.

If you need the dd utility for windows, a ported version is available. See for getting a copy of dd.exe. The syntax is a bit different for Windows devices, but it is very similar - just the paths would look different.

Hope this helps!

Lucian Deuter
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Re: Wipe Disk Array


the erase utility deletes the RAID configuration information at all places they are stored (NVRAM, RAID Controller and Disk). Without this data the disks can't be restored.

Massimo Bianchi
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Re: Wipe Disk Array

at boot, most scsi controller have a bios that let you do a low level format.

This should accomplish your needs.