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XP Continuous Access Journal

Occasional Contributor

XP Continuous Access Journal

Hi ,
I want to use XP Continuous Access Journal,but not sure of its functionality.I wanted to know wether it is possible to change the direction of data replication (make pri vol -sec vol and vice versa )as we can do in CA synchronous using horctakeover or pairresync -swap ....

Thanks in advance.....
Honored Contributor

Re: XP Continuous Access Journal


CA and CA-Journal posses almost same features so it's possible for you to use horctakeover and -swap with CA-J.

Major difference comes on hardware configuration of Journal volume and internal functionality of Journal functions. Once CA-J is installed and functioning, you will not be able to tell whether it's CA without Journal or with Journal.

Hope that helps. Look through the CA-Journal userguide and you will find similar commands available there.