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XP external storage trial expiration

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XP external storage trial expiration

Hello experts, thank you for your help.
We are currently using a 2 TB license of xP external Storage, and we need 4 for a month. Our sales representative gave us a trial license so we can work this month, but we needed to delete the former license (which was a permanent one) as both licenses couldnt live together. Before the 120 days expire we will reinstall the permanetn 2 Tb license. We have two questions: 1) will it be necesary to reformat again or the temporary license will be overwritten 2) can we be sure that the 2 TB we will be using won't have any problem because we were using 4 TB during the temporary licensing period?

thank you very much for your help and very best regards
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Re: XP external storage trial expiration

also, I think that we will have to delete all aditional external storage above those 2 TB before the temporary license expires, what would happen if we don't do it? will all the storage became unavailbe, or just 2 TB at random?

Best regards,