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XP512 Remote Console cannot see all FC ports

Respected Contributor

XP512 Remote Console cannot see all FC ports


I have a PC where Performance Manager and Remote Console are installed. This PC is connected to 2 XP512 disk arrays.

Both XPs have 2x8 FC ports (2 CHIPS).

When I connect to the XP#1 using Remote Console , only four first FC ports are shown (2 x A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, D1 and D2). The remaining ports (E1, E2, F1, F2, G1, G2, H1 and H2) are not show.

This problem ocurrs only on XP#1. There is no problem on XP#2 (all ports are shown).

Can anybody help me ?

Thanx in advance

P.D: In the SVPs all FC ports are shown.

Re: XP512 Remote Console cannot see all FC ports

Do you have LUN assigned to the ports (E1,E2....... and H2)?
verifies if CHIPS are in high performance?
if the answer is affirmative, alone the first four ports should be enable.


Manuel Parra