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Your expirience with Continuos Access for XP


Your expirience with Continuos Access for XP

Hi to All,
we plan to use two XP512 for an MC/SG Metro Cluster instead of two EMC?s.
I just read the CA Users Guide and I am not sure if you really must make an total (initial) copy of the volumes after an switch to the remote site.
What are your exprience with CA ?
Thanx in adv.
I am an HPE employee.
Bernd Reize
Trusted Contributor

Re: Your expirience with Continuos Access for XP

Hi Stephan,
we only have two XP256, but I think I should not matter for CA.
We performed the initital copy only once, when installing the arrays.
for package switching from primary to remote side we issue a 'horctakeover' command inside the cluster scripts.
that needs about some seconds to flush buffers and swap the P- and S-Vols.