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autoraid 12H

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Occasional Visitor

autoraid 12H

i want to use one vg which at 12H by two convention device names.
is it possible?
Andreas Voss
Honored Contributor

Re: autoraid 12H

Do you mean alternative links ?
If so just do an vgextend with the alternative device.

Re: autoraid 12H

Hi Peter,

You can create an alternate link to the 12H to one vg, but you can only use it for redundancy. The 12H uses only one path to the VG at a time to send data to.

Regards, Andre
Occasional Visitor

Re: autoraid 12H

hi peter

you can do this by giving the two device path ways to the 12H. generally there are two controllers X and Y in 12H. a Lun unit can be accessed through either one of these cards (hence the device address will change). resulting redundancy for the controller as well as cables.
if you configure vgs thru sam there is a option called "addtnl link device address" in that or you can do thru vgextend in command line.

hope the clarifies you