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can not find alternate path

Eslam Kamal
Occasional Advisor

can not find alternate path

I have va4100 connected to two L2000 server
(hp-ux 11.00)

there is a cluster running and every thing is Ok

I have more space on va4100 so I created new LUN's on it but when I run ioscan on both system I could only see one link to each LUN.

the two controllers on va4100 is woking fine because the old LUN's shows two links and command view SDM also say the two controller is fine

find ioscan output
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: can not find alternate path

It's simple: two HBAs installed are:
0/5/0/0 - c4
0/6/0/0 - c7

thus LUN 11
0/5/0/ /dev/dsk/c4t1d3
has alternate path
0/6/0/ /dev/dsk/c7t1d3
Alfredo Moralejo_2
Occasional Contributor

Re: can not find alternate path


Can you add a armdsp -a output?
Alfredo Moralejo