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configuring a hot spare on a va 7400

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configuring a hot spare on a va 7400


Is it possible to configure a hot spare without re-formatting all the existing data on an array? Can you also, just add a new disk and make that the hot spare w/o re-formatting?

Re: configuring a hot spare on a va 7400

You can just add the disk without reformatting the array.

Just make sure that Autoinclude and autoformat is enabled(default). and Hotspare is automatic.
The new disk will be used for redundancy or hotspare depending on the config.

Bernhard Mueller
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Re: configuring a hot spare on a va 7400


the VAs use "active" hotspare by default. I.e. there is not dedicated disk used as hotspare but on *all* disks of the two redundancy groups some space is reserved to hold the data in case a disk in this RG fails.

You can configure the hotspare modes to automatic, largest disk, or largest two disks. Accordingly, a certain amount of space is reserved. As long as you have free space available you can e.g. change the hotspare mode from "largest" to "largest two"

see man armmgr
(option -h)