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delete a logical drive

Occasional Advisor

delete a logical drive


I have a disk array with two logical drives (3 disks on each), and I'd like to delete the second logical drive to create a new array. Indeed I need more space on disk, and I have to upgrade 3 of them.
If I delete the second logical drive, does it mean that the data on the first logical drive are lost too ?
After adding my 3 new disks, could I create a new array or are they added automatically in the array of the first logical drive ?

I have a proliant ML370 and controller is Smart Array 5i.
Patrick Mangin
Mahesh Kumar Malik
Honored Contributor

Re: delete a logical drive

Hi Mangin

If you delete the second logical drive, data on first logical drive will NOT BE LOST.

After adding 3 new disks they are not automatically added to first logical drive. You have an option to either expand first logical drive or create a new one.

Occasional Advisor

Re: delete a logical drive

I have to precise:

I'd like to restart my server with only three disks (so I delete 3) and to have just one logical drive.

Does it possible to restart the server with only the first logical drive ?
Or the data are really splitted on all the disks and not logicaél drive by logical drive ?
Patrick Mangin