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disk missing

Nguyen Anh Tien
Honored Contributor

disk missing

I have 2 VA (VA7100 and VA7400)
I unplug 1 disk on VA7100, after rebuilding my VA7100 contains no warning message.

but things were different with VA7400. I also unplug 1 disk and after rebuilding my VA7100 contains warning message (MISSING DISK)
I attatched logfile to this message. it is very confusing!
HP is simple
Honored Contributor

Re: disk missing


Its because on VA7400 the auto rebuild option is set to off and your raid array is not getting rebuild automatically. I just can't recollect how to do it through command line. man armcfg should be able to help u.....

Or you can use the launcher utility which comes with command view SDM to rebuild the array.

with best wishes
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