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how to recoginze the same LUN in two systems

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how to recoginze the same LUN in two systems


diskarray:hp xp512

the two system communicates by FC swith with XP512

is the disk c19t5d11 (in rp4440) the disk c9t5d11 (in hp N4000)?

Are the disks the same LUN on xp512?

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Re: how to recoginze the same LUN in two systems

Bonjour leyearn,

there is a mistake on c19t5d11 and c9t5d11. The lun part of the device file (that is number after letter "d") can not be greater than 7. 11 is too much ...

Assuming that real name are c19t5d1 and c9t5d1, the answer is probably yes : LUN ID is 41 (8*5+1) for both device files.

But it is better to investigate a beat more. Do you have autopath installed ? In this case "autopath display /dev/dsk/c19t5d1" will show you the WWN of the disk from the XP array. This WWN uniquely identifies a disk. So if you get the WWN with "autopath display /dev/dsk/c9t5d1" on the other system it is surely the same disk