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moving an ungrouped disk

dan simmons_1
Occasional Visitor

moving an ungrouped disk

I need to take a disk from my ungrouped disk group and physically move it to another location within the same EVA. Will this cause any problems with metadata on the disk?

I am running with old firmware (3.028) which I will eventually upgrade but in the mean time I do not have the button to "remove" a disk from the ungrouped disks tab. Is it safe to just pull the disk out and put it into a new location where I will then group it into an active disk group?

Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: moving an ungrouped disk

Hi Dan,

If you select the disk under the hardware section, rather than the Ungrouped disk tab, you should see the remove button.

Even if you don't, it should be safe to just move the disk to where you want it. Just wait for any alarms to clear after pulling the disk before you reinsert it.


dan simmons_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: moving an ungrouped disk

Big Thanks! Worked like a charm.