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msa500 + 4 dl380g4

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msa500 + 4 dl380g4

We have an msa500 with 4 dl380 connected. We want 7 partitions on the msa500, for several apps.

1. How many LUNs do I have to define? 7, or less is enough, using partitions?

2. Do I have to use Selective Storage Presentation for these disks? I want one node access one partition at a time, but they have to access all of them, for clustering.

Stephen Kebbell
Honored Contributor

Re: msa500 + 4 dl380g4


if you are clustering all 4 machines, then you won't need to use SSP. The clustering software will ensure that only one node accesses each LUN at a particular time.
If you want to define 7 separate disk resources in your cluster, you will need to create 7 logical drives (LUNs). Note that they do not have to be on 7 separate physical sets of disks. You could create one or a few physical arrays and sub divide them up into logical drives. The OS will see each logical drive as a physical disk.


Re: msa500 + 4 dl380g4

Thanks for your reply!

I did not know if I have to make 7 logical drives or making partitions sufficient. Documentations are not clear at this issue for me.