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need old firmware for IO mod MSA 60 1.50

Occasional Visitor

need old firmware for IO mod MSA 60 1.50

Anyone have a link were I can download MSA 60 Firmware for IO Mod 1.50

Replacements come with firmware that is to new

QC script updates midplane firmware then controller  can't see  MSA 60.

Enclosure processor problem detected.....

Build (Can't be changed)

Connection Type:   SAS Attached   Drive Bays:   12 Vendor:   HP   Fan Status:   OK Model:   MSA60   Power Supply Status:   No Redundant Power Supply Firmware Revision:   1.50   Thermal Status:   OK Serial Number:   SGA72500AL        

We need the 1.50 firmware for IO mod

After we repair these they run qc script downgrades midplane firmware.

 newer firmware IO mod no longer see storage afterwards.

 rereplace midplane and its working again... QC script breaks again .. can't find 1.50 firmware for IO mod.


Thanks for your help


HP Super Tech