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powerpath device

Super Advisor

powerpath device

One of my Itanium servers is hooked up to our CX300 and I need to remove one of the powerpath devices, the device in question is as follows:-

CLARiiON ID=CK200043600821 [LONITA2]
Logical device ID=600601605A101200DA086B4821A2DB11 [LUN 25]
state=alive; policy=BasicFailover; priority=0; queued-IOs=0
Owner: default=SP A, current=SP A
---------------- Host --------------- - Stor - -- I/O Path - -- Stats ---
### HW Path I/O Paths Interf. Mode State Q-IOs Errors
6 0/5/1/ c6t0d0 SP A1 active alive 0 0
7 0/5/1/ c7t0d0 SP B1 active alive 0 0

I cannot remember the syntax for removing these, can someone remind me please????
Tim Nelson
Honored Contributor

Re: powerpath device

The paths are alive, why do you want to remove them ?

powermt -help

man powermt

Jon M Zellhoefer
Valued Contributor

Re: powerpath device

powermt remove dev=cXtYdZ

replace XYZ with device you want to remove.

afterward, do powermt save.
Super Advisor

Re: powerpath device

Thats the syntax I was after, thanks:-)

once I have done that would you recommend that i remove the disk devices using:-

rmsf -a /dev/dsk/c#t#d#