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query for MSA and sles11 support

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query for MSA and sles11 support

Hi list,

I’m trying to understand whether single controller MSA is supported on sle11, and whether dual controller MSA is supported on sles11. what is the minimum firmware version to support them. either x86 and ia64.


- west
Patrick Terlisten
Honored Contributor

Re: query for MSA and sles11 support


according to SPOCK SLES11 is currently not supported, regardless of the firmware.

SLES10 SP1 is supported with a MSA1500 single-controller on rx1600, rx1620, rx2600, rx2620, rx4640, rx5670, rx7620, rx8620, zx6000. Recommended is the firmware release 5.20. Wit x86 (32bit) you should use firmware 5.10. This applies also fot x86-64 and SLES10 SP1.

Best regards,
Best regards,