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"ZPR" Zero Page reclaim HDS and HP-UX 11.31

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David Dilly
Regular Advisor

"ZPR" Zero Page reclaim HDS and HP-UX 11.31

I need to know if "Zero Page Reclaim", a feature of Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning (HDP), is compatible with hp-ux 11.31 ?

I think it is compatible with VxFS 5.0.1 under VxVM.
And what about LVM ?

Thanks a lot.
Michael Leu
Honored Contributor

Re: "ZPR" Zero Page reclaim HDS and HP-UX 11.31

I'm running a few 11.31 with LVM on HDS AMS 2500 with a DP pool. No problems so far.

Try SPOCK ( for compatability info. AFAIK with VxFS it's supported.

To reclaim space after lvremove(s) you need to do some additional steps on HP-UX before starting the ZPR:
1) create a new LV the size of all free PEs
2) fill that new LV with zeroes (dd if=/dev/zero of= bs=65536k)
3) lvremove the new LV
4) start the Zero Page Reclaim
That's what I dreamed up anyway, there might be a better way :-)