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[va7110] The difference between Normal and High Performance mode.

Occasional Contributor

[va7110] The difference between Normal and High Performance mode.

#amdsp -a va7400

Simplified Resiliency Setting:________Normal Performance (Default)
Enable Secure Mode:___________________True
Disable NVRAM on UPS Absent:__________False
Disable NVRAM on WCE False:___________False
Disable Read Hits:____________________False
Force Unit Access Response:___________1
Lock Write Cache On:__________________True
Performance Goal Configuration:_______Normal Performance

If I change performance option from NORMAL to HIPERFORMANCE with #armmgr -J, how much will it be better?
I need result of these two option's difference.

Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: [va7110] The difference between Normal and High Performance mode.

Normal mode: maps are flushed every 4 seconds;
Highperf mode: maps are flushed only at correct shutdown.
Please believe me you will not benefit much changing to HighPerf mode. Normal mode is proven as the best from the reliability and performance point of view.
If you experience performance problems there could be a lot of things to look at:
VA firmware level (HP18);
VA topology (fabric);
host settings (driver versions, driver settings);
VA data allocation (balanced across RGs, RAID0/1 and RAID5DP ratio, access methods etc).
Please give us more details