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va7410 secure manager password lost after armsecure

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Donny Jekels
Respected Contributor

va7410 secure manager password lost after armsecure

After I applied a new secure.txt file from commnadline.

armsecure -w -c -f secure.txt -p AUTORAID myalias

Please help
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Bill Costigan
Honored Contributor

Re: va7410 secure manager password lost after armsecure

My guess is that you disabled access to LUN 0. You may have to connect to the serial port and turn off security.

vfpsecure -d

Be sure there are no hosts with access to the array while security is off, All hosts will be able to access all LUNs. Of course the management server will need access if it is to reload the security table.

Also be sure that you have enough licenses for LUN security. I lost access once by securing more space than I had a license for.


vfpsecure -R will reset the password back to AUTORAID just in case the password got distroyed.