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vgextend to add alt path

Kim Kendall
Regular Advisor

vgextend to add alt path

Connecting to a new EMC CLARiiON CX600 from HPUX 11.0.

Installed 2 new HP Tachyon TL/TS Fibre Channel Mass St
orage Adapters to "direct attach to it.

Carved up the array - fine. Created the device files - fine. I can see down both paths to the devices, but when I do a vgextend to add the alt path, I get:

vgextend: Couldn't open physical volume "/dev/dsk/c24t4d0":
I/O error

Is there an issue with this card direct attached (arbitrated loop) vs a fabric config (Brocade switches)
Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: vgextend to add alt path

Is it listed when you run:

vgscan -a -v -P ?

(* -p for preview will not update /etc/lvmtab, but only display a list of responding disks *)

(* -a = search every controller and bus *)
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Jeff Schussele
Honored Contributor

Re: vgextend to add alt path

Hi Kim,

What does

diskinfo /dev/rdsk/c24t4d0


Also determine which td instance the other Tachyon is & run

fcmsutil /dev/tdX

where X=td instance

Possibility that the WWN for the Tachyon's was given incorrectly?

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Sridhar Bhaskarla
Honored Contributor

Re: vgextend to add alt path

Hi Kim,

Check with your EMC support personnel and get the tool "inq". You can run this on your system and find if the disk is really the alternate disk for the other disk or not.

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Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: vgextend to add alt path

did you do 'pvcreate' on this raw device before vgextend'ing?
Kim Kendall
Regular Advisor

Re: vgextend to add alt path

NOOOOO! I only did the pvcreate on the primary path device.

ioscan shows the devices down both paths. diskinfo shows the alt path device as 0 (zero) size... BADDDD!

I then created a VG that went down the other path, and it wasn't able to do alt path either.
Kim Kendall
Regular Advisor

Re: vgextend to add alt path

Looks like the SAN wasn't installed/configured correctly. Using the navicli command, I could see that 3 items were incorrect. The SAN needed to know that I was HPUX and using PVLinks.

The 3 values that needed to be fixed were:
systemtype (2)
failovermode (0)
arraycommpath (0)
navicli -h systemtype -config 2
navicli -h failovermode 0
navicli -h arraycommpath 0

Rescanned the system and all the devices I had yesterday are now different names! Have to undo everything and try and get back to a clean lvmtab and start building the VG's over again.