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what is BCV


what is BCV

Hi, Could anybody tell me what is BCV? I need a clear definition. Pls. elaborate it. Or give me a link so that I can look it up by myself.

Thanks a lot!
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Insu Kim
Honored Contributor

Re: what is BCV

BCV is short for business copy volume.
Business copy is data replication that makes nearly instant point-in-time copies of LUNs.
Business copy LUNs can be used immediately after they're created.

Business copy LUNs are "point-in-time", not mirrored, copies.

A business copy LUN is created in milliseconds because it only points to the data logs of the parent LUN, using a meta data file.
Therefore, data does not have to physically move from the parent LUN to the business copy LUN.

A business copy LUN is presented as a complete copy of the parent LUN at the
time it was copied. Once the business copy LUN is created, new business copy data is added only to the business copy meta-file and new parent LUN data is added only to the parent LUN's data log file.

Each business copy requires the same amount of space as its parent LUN, just like a traditional split mirrored data replication environment. Even though Business Copy copies Meta data, it reserves the same physical space as the parent LUN, allowing the business copy LUN to change up to 100 percent of its
data. The size of the parent LUN limits the growth of the business copy LUN.

Hope this helps
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Insu Kim
Honored Contributor

Re: what is BCV

For your information,
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