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xp128 2D+2D configuration.

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xp128 2D+2D configuration.

this is one vgdisplay you can see one disk have three alternative disk.
does it required to configure 2D+2D?
I roughly understand i has been needed due to bcopy. but I don't know exactly.
I mean how does disk can split and mirror?

PV Name /dev/dsk/c12t0d1
PV Name /dev/dsk/c10t0d1 Alternate Link
PV Name /dev/dsk/c13t0d1 Alternate Link
PV Name /dev/dsk/c9t0d1 Alternate Link
PV Status available
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Re: xp128 2D+2D configuration.

This are not alternative disks, but alternative pathes.
Your system is able to "see" a LUN thru 4 FC interfaces/pathes.
Have a look at the "xpinfo [-i]" output.

Hope this helps!

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Re: xp128 2D+2D configuration.

It means your 2D+2D ldev/LUN is presented to 4 HBA's to your server.

With LVM it is shown as PVLINKS or Alternate Paths. Under this config - ONLY ONE active path to your LUN is active.

Same with VxVM DMP with the advantage of actually distributing load accross the 4 paths
Hakuna Matata.
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Re: xp128 2D+2D configuration.

So, why does it need 3 altanative path?
,for load distributing or bcopy ?
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Re: xp128 2D+2D configuration.

Hi Zungwon,

Well the answer to that could be:
1. your IT shop standards state that LUNs must be distributed to more than 1 path
2. yes for load balancing
3. in cases where access to a LUN via the primary is inaccessible, the alternate path can be used