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D2D replication replication with Data Protector issue

Frequent Advisor

D2D replication replication with Data Protector issue


We have a D2D4112 to which we backup our MS Windows and HP-UX system using Data Protector. We have a HP-UX Data Protector cell manager. We are trying to get the D2D4112 to replicate to another D2D4112. This has not been very successful.


The source libraries do not synchronise with the target libraries. For example we get an error message -"Slot mapping is not in sync Exchange_ISCSI, slot mapping 1".


We have recently upgraded the firmware, and the BIOS of the D2Ds, but this did not help.


We have tried:-


On the source D2D:

1.Go to Replication tab.

2.Go to Virtual Tape Mappings tab.

3.Select the library with the slot not in synch.

4.Go to the Slot Details tab.

5.Find the slot not in synch.

6.Click on the Edit button and edit the target slot for that cart and leave the field blank. This will unmap the slot.

7.Click OK to save the changes.

8.Remap the slot by entering the original slot # in the target slot field.

9.Click OK to save the changes.



But we hardly finished this process and the status had changes back to "Slot mapping" error.



Any assistance is appreciated.