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Disk-Based Backup
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D2D2504i G2 'too many data files open on NAS share'

Occasional Advisor

D2D2504i G2 'too many data files open on NAS share'



Got a D2D2504i running firmware 2.2.16, BackupExec is using it as a target. The weekly backup failed and on looking at the logs they're full of these errors. Given that it's creating a single .bkf file on the NAS share how can there be too many data files open? Or is it a global limit that restricts all servers using this box as a target? I notice the most recent set of 7 errors all happened at 20:36 yesterday.


Any info appreciated, I've only found one other message for this which surprises me.






P.S. This thread has been moved from Storage>General to Disk-Based Backup. -HP Forum Moderator