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Diference between virtual TL and virtual autoloader, MSL


Diference between virtual TL and virtual autoloader, MSL

Hi guys,


on VLS9200 I see that there is posibility to create virtual tape library and virtual HP Autoloader, MSL or ESL series tape libraries.

What is diference between VTL and, virtual HP Autoloader or virtual MSL, is the configuration on Data Protector is different of one of them?

Thanks in advance for explanation.



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Eemans Dany
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Re: Diference between virtual TL and virtual autoloader, MSL



Internally on the VTL is does not make a differance, however to the outside it is the way how he is presented.

For example,

U are using Dataprotector and you install licences to use the VTL as advanced backup to disk device.

You can create as many drives as you like, libraries, etc (as long as you stay withing the physical limits of the VTL).

On the other hand, windows NT backup is not able to talk to a VTL directly, but he can talk to an MSL library or autoloader. Than you create an MSL library on the VTL and windows NT backup will see an MSL library as it is a physical device.


That is for me the major differance between VTL and Virtual autoloader - MSL - ESL - .....  .


Maybe there are other differances, but to me this is the most importand one.

I hope it helps you on your way.



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Re: Diference between virtual TL and virtual autoloader, MSL

One thing to note:

Emulations of physical tape librarries like the ESL/MSL have a limited slot/drive count. If you need more slots/drives then you'll need to create a new VTL. With the 'HP VLS' emulation you can specify your slot/drive count with a max of 50000 slots and 1024 drives which offers imo more flexibillity.