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How to restart Replication between 2 D2D's

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How to restart Replication between 2 D2D's



We have a HP StorageWorks D2D4112 as a central replication point for many other D2D's around the state.

Last month all replication to this device has stopped and isn't restarting.


Blackout windows are not enabled

The D2D's can ping and traceroute to eachother

No firewall is enabled between the 2 devices, so the ports are open


Only information available on the D2D is

Replication target appliance detected - Source appliance breaking connection


I have looked through the console commands and found nothing, is there a way to restart of kick off the replication again?


Re: How to restart Replication between 2 D2D's

Try to remove slot mapping between D2D and to create mapping again.