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StoreOnce VSA 1TB new deployment (3.16.2-1712.1) catalyst + Veeam B&R errors

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StoreOnce VSA 1TB new deployment (3.16.2-1712.1) catalyst + Veeam B&R errors

Brand new lab deployment with SO 1TB. Standard config w/1TB volume and everything looks fine. Added to VBR 9.5 as Catalyst repo and attempted test job; immediate errors in job.

Opened case with Veeam; they're saying it's all coming from the SO.

[08.05.2017 14:42:41] < 6856> storeonce| ERR |Failed to perform final file flush.
[08.05.2017 14:42:41] < 6856> storeonce| >> |OSCLT_CLTERR_DATA_SESSION_IN_ERROR_STATE. Err: -3999
[08.05.2017 14:42:41] < 6856> storeonce| >> |SeekToWrite operation has failed. Object: '[so1] so1-store1:/Backup_Job_14/myvm.vm-95D2017-05-08T144213.vbk'. Distance to move: '4096'.
[08.05.2017 14:42:41] < 6856> storeonce| >> |An exception was thrown from thread [6856].
[08.05.2017 14:42:41] < 6856> storeonce| Closing data session for file [so1] so1-store1:/Backup_Job_14/myvm.vm-95D2017-05-08T144213.vbk:2274682671440

 Going to trash everything and try again, but given that "SO VSA 1TB is self-help support" I really hope this is a one-off and not a serious defect in the current code.

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Re: StoreOnce VSA 1TB new deployment (3.16.2-1712.1) catalyst + Veeam B&R errors

Fun! After manually editing the network configurations to eliminate the second NIC on the VSA (the two were bonded [mode 6] as part of setup, which would also be done with a physical appliance), everything started working.