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VLS 6510 Licence issue : number of luns licensed: 4, number of luns discovered: 8

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VLS 6510 Licence issue : number of luns licensed: 4, number of luns discovered: 8


We purchased a VLS 6510 (S.N. : 0017085018EA, Software 1.0.12) with a total of 4 MSA20. We received two Permanent Password Certificates for the additional MSA20 (S.N. : E0PNMLJ16C & E0PFMLJ16C). We tried to add these licenses using Command View TL 1.7.01, but without success. The licenses are marked as Un-Managed Licenses : VLS Capacity Upgrade. It looks like the TL does not communicate with the VLS, or may be we missed a step. We followed the HP StorageWorks 6000 Virtual Library System user guide page 120/121.

Unfortunately the VLS is compeletly bocked with 0 GB capacity.

Thanks in advance and best regards,
Harry Banbury
Occasional Advisor

Re: VLS 6510 Licence issue : number of luns licensed: 4, number of luns discovered: 8

Hi Holger,

The latest version of CV-TL is 1.8.00 - I don't think that is your problem, but there are problems with multiple licenses with the version you are using.

Once you have a license key in the "Un-Managed Licensees" bucket, you have to delete it from CV-TL and restart CV-TL before attempting to re-install the licenses key.

Before installing a license key in CV-TL, you should configure the CV-TL to recognize your VLS node. From the CV-TL "Library Selection" tab, make sure your VLS node is listied, otherwise, use the "Actions" -> "Add library..." task to add the node name or IP address of the VLS node and verify the "Status" colum lists the status as "Ready to Manage". This will ensure that the CV-VLS is properly communicating with and recognising the VLS Node. Then you can add the License Keyt from the "License Key Summary" tab -> "Actions" -> "add New License Key..."

Also, since the Add New License Key is a manual process, it is very suceptible to human error. First, the License Key must be generated with the correct VLS serial # which is displayed on the main "Identity" tab of the CV_VLS GUI.

Secondly, the License Key itself must be entered inti the CV-TL exactly. If CV-TL cannot match the device Serial # embedded in the License Key with a Serial # reported by it's known Libraries, the license will be put in the CV-TL "Un-managed Licenses" bucket

Harry Banbury
CPE Engineer
VLS Product Line