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VLS: De-duplication firmware for 6500? 6636 vs 6518?

Tom J Horan
Occasional Visitor

VLS: De-duplication firmware for 6500? 6636 vs 6518?

Hi folks,
I'm interested in the de-duplication functionality of the new 6200/6600 VLS' however I only have a VLS6518 which is barely 12 months old.

Does anyone know if the version 3.0 firmware which supports de-dupe will install on the 6518? Or if HP plan to support this feature on the older units?

Also, besides drive size, are there any other key differences between the new and old generation VLS units?




P.S. This thread has been moved from Tape Backup (Small and Medium Business) to Disk-Based Backup. - Hp Forum moderator