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VLS9000 Lun Masking and Automigration

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VLS9000 Lun Masking and Automigration

i am configuring VLS9000 7.5TB on SAN.

After creating Many Virtual library and enable mapping i still able to see all virtual drives created in VLS.

i have assign against WWN for specific host with default LUN # 255 but still able to see it on host.

For that purpose i have tried to log a case as whole system is in warranty but unable to retrive any warranty information.

On linux node i.e comes with base VLS9000
Product No. 412196-503
S.n SGH016XHM2

Retrive no warranty information.

Also the serial number on VLS9000 GUI Identify page show
S.N F4CE4680FB48

and VLS product AQ738A

Still both ways no warranty information seen.

Some one help??!!!!!!!!
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Re: VLS9000 Lun Masking and Automigration


May solve your issue, Check the LUN numbers for the drives.


Devices Luns Ports

Drive1 0 0
Drive2 1 0
Drive3 0 1
Drive4 1 1

Assighn LUN number in order with respect to assighned port.

May solve your issue.


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Re: VLS9000 Lun Masking and Automigration

Thanks issue solved.
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Re: VLS9000 Lun Masking and Automigration

That was proper lun mapping followed issue solved.