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Web interface for D2D StorageWorks Backup System not accessible

Andrew Kaplan
Super Advisor

Web interface for D2D StorageWorks Backup System not accessible

Hello --


We utilize a D2D StorageWorks Backup System as part of our backup solution. The system is monitored via the Insight Management application. This morning I discovered the system is not responding to SNMP requests. I did some investigating, and the unit did not respond to pings, and its web interface was not accessible.


However, backups that utilized the system did complete successfully. A further check of the 'tapes' in the library was done via Data Protector's barcode scan, and all were listed without issue.


I believe the problem is with the front-end node that connects to the disk array. Can I simply restart the node, by going to the unit, powering down and subsequently powering it up, or is there a better process?



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