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502gb limit on logical drive

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502gb limit on logical drive

Have a raid array 4200 with a compaq server ml570, have 10 72gb scsi drives configured for raid 5, but there is limit of 502gb for logical drive. Is this limit under windows 2000 server or way round this or am i doing something wrong, as i have an extra 100gb i would like to part of the same logical drive!!

Cheers for any help
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Re: 502gb limit on logical drive

Have you upgraded the firmware on both the 4200 and the ml570? I didn't see anything special in the quickspecs that limited the size of the luns


Is it possible that you have a 5304 in your server using raid ADG? They are both 4 channel controllers and look the same from in back of the server.

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Re: 502gb limit on logical drive

I ran into the same limit but did not find a solution yet. Did you? Did you try the firmware upgrades?

Thank you.
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Re: 502gb limit on logical drive

Its a limitation on the raid controller card 4200, so new software or updates wont have any effect