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Conversion to hardware Raid 5

Charlie Ruble
Occasional Contributor

Conversion to hardware Raid 5

We have a E60 running NT with one drive. We have a netraid controller #P3410A that we will install. If I put the existing drive on the controller I assume it will boot up fine. Next, I'd like to add the other 2 drives to the controller and convert it to Raid 5. Will the software do this or must I convert it, then restore from backup? Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Re: Conversion to hardware Raid 5

Hi Charlie,

This is what you should do:

1: Install the correct Netraid driver first.
2: Create a full backup!
3: Built in the Netraid and connect the disks to it.
4: powerup the server and Enter Netraid Express-Tools with Ctrl-M
5: Create a RAID0 logical drive on the original disk with NT on it( remember it's SCSI ID). Do not do anything with the 2 other drives. DO NOT INITIALIZE, it will destroy your data.
6: Reboot the server. NT must boot fine.
7: Install netraid assistant from Navigator or download it from the web.
8: Start Netraid assistant
9: Drag 'n drop the 2 new disks to the existing logical drive and add them, select the new RAID level (RAID5) and let the netraid do it's work in migrating your data.
10: You have extra capacity available now you can configure in Netraid assistant.

Good luck,