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SCSI termination of a C2247 hard drive

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SCSI termination of a C2247 hard drive

Completely new to SCSI, I got my hands on this hard drive and I seem to get a system hang where the controller card kicks in and the drive spins up and then... nothing.

I have an Adaptec controller card and the C2247 will be the only drive (internal or external), so I know I need to terminate the SCSI bus at both ends (the SCSI card is already terminated).

Does anybody know if the C2247 drive has it's own built in terminator and how do I go about enabling this or will I have have to buy a terminator and place it on the last cable connector point of my SCSI cable to terminate the SCSI bus at this end (and have no termination at all on the C2247 drive).

I know the drive has a 'Termination Enable' jumper setting but I don't know if shorting this with a jumper is terminating the SCSI bus at this end. The system hang may not be due to termination at all, but until I know how to terminate this setup correctly, I'm not ruling it out as the cause.

I'm really trying to find out if I can set up a SCSI system with what I have got (controller card, SCSI drive, normal 50-pin SCSI cable) or will I have to buy something else like a SCSI terminator to put on my existing SCSI cable (or indeed the C2247 drive) or a new SCSI cable that is already terminated at one end.

Any input appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: SCSI termination of a C2247 hard drive

Hello Druid,
please visit the following links:
looks like if you do not have terminator at the end of SCSI cable you have to turn drive's onboard termination on by shorting term pwr and term enable jumpers. In addition please check if you use correct SCSI controller for your drive - SE or Differential - this can be the cause of hangs. Set SCSI address up to 6 (controller should have 7).
Good luck!
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Re: SCSI termination of a C2247 hard drive


Thanks for the links - I found one of them myself and was using this to try and figure out the termination stuff. I tried the other suggestions but still the system hangs (it is single ended devices).

From those links, does this mean for sure that it is possible to terminate the SCSI bus at the drive end by just shorting the 'Term Enable' jumper (and thus not necessitating the use of a terminator on the SCSI cable)?

I really need a yes or no to this answer (as I don't know enough to not rule out a termination problem).

If the answer is 'Yes', then I suspect a hard drive problem and not a SCSI one.

Again, any help appreciated.

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Re: SCSI termination of a C2247 hard drive

answer is "yes". On the pages I see there are active terminators onboard and they can be turned on by shorting "term enable". Try playing with "term pwr" jumper. Check if bus from controller side is terminated (note: "SCSI bus should be terminated from both ends with correct terminators"). Drop all other SCSI devices off the bus. Check all other jumpers. Try disconnecting drive off SCSI cable at all and booting machine. If it will boot the cause is really disk.
I found that there could be SE (C2247/C2247S/C2247SE), Diff (C2247D) and Wide (C2247W) disks. Check which one do you have.
If you tested all these finally try to simply replace cable and SCSI adapter by known good.
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Re: SCSI termination of a C2247 hard drive


I have attached a document I had that shows all the jumpers on this mech and their meanings - I hope it helps. (It's an MS Word doc. Let me know if you can't read it.

Bottom line is that if the socketed inline terminators are correctly installed in the controller board (and are good), and if the term enable jumper is on, the drive will self-terminate.

If this is done, make sure that you DON'T install another terminator on the cable, as over-termination is a bad thing, too!


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