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netraid - how remove last array and logical drive

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netraid - how remove last array and logical drive


I added a secondary integrated cage and plugged it in(LH300R running NT4) threw some drives in it.

Brought it up and added a array with drives in it through the wizard. Created an array2 and logical drive on channel 1.

Now am thinking instead to expand array 1 with these drives that are currently in array2 but I can't figure out threw the bios ctrl+m or netraid assist program or in the manual how to drop this last logical drive and array2 so I can start over.

btw I want to leave alone array0(raid0) and array1(raid5) on channel 0 alone when I do this, So I didn't figure Clear configuration would be a good idea.

How is one supposed to do this?

Pieter 't Hart
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Re: netraid - how remove last array and logical drive

technically "clear config" is the only way to do this
there is no otion to remove a created logical drive

1) remove the extra drives wich you dont want to use any more from the cabinet

2) restart the server
the netraid controller displays an error like : configuration mismatch between config on disk and config in nvram

3) press and select use config on disk
at this point the extra logical drive is removed from the netraid-controller

4) restart the server

5) plug in the extra disks and ..

6) restart the server
probably you again get an error about config mismatch netween disk/nvram because on the disk is some info present that says they once were member of an logical drive

7) press and select select use config in nvram
now the removed logical drive is realy removed

8) now you can restart configuring your extra disks to your wishes

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Re: netraid - how remove last array and logical drive

Don't think this will work bcause the config (all the complete config) is writed on all the hdd, so if you select the disk configuration after removing some disk, this will reload the last complete config.

the solution is to start the start Netraid assistant (last version), select the last logical drive you create, then go to the option "reclaim last LD" in the menu, this will remove the last configurated drive (this will work only for the last created one.

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