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3par OSSA report 수신 메일 주소 변경

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3par OSSA report 수신 메일 주소 변경

안녕하세요.. 3par V400 스토리지 사용중입니다.


이전 담당자 메일로 아래와  같은 OSSA Report 메일이 오는데,


메일수신자 변경을 할려면 어떻게 해야되나요??




Dear HP 3PAR StoreServ Client,

You are receiving this email because HP Technology Services has identified HP 3PAR StoreServ SN: --------- displaying the exception listed below via the automated Over Subscribed System Alert (OSSA) tool.

The OSSA tool utilizes data that is collected periodically from HP 3PAR StoreServ and sent to HP 3PAR Central to perform proactive checks on key system utilization elements.

The intent is to provide clients with valuable information based upon certain, identified thresholds identified in the report, along with HP recommendations for potential action by clients based upon the report output designed to help the storage array run optimally.

Data collected by the OSSA tool is scanned to identify exceptions in the following eleven critical areas: Active VLUNs, Balanced Drive, CPU Utilization, Disk IOPS, Disk Port Bandwidth per node pair, Initiator Distribution per Node, Initiators Per Port, Initiators Per System, PCI Bus Bandwidth, Port Bandwidth and Raw Capacity.

A report is generated each time when an exception is detected. A new report will be generated weekly while the exception persists.


OSSA Report Details:


Serial Number: ---------- Model: V400 HP 3PAR OS: Nodes: 2

The Disk IOPS is checked based on performance files collected once every four hours. An OSSA report is generated when one or more disks have exceeded the Disk IOPS threshold in 3 out of 6 files collected. This relates to a rolling 24-hour period. Refer to the following table for the IOPS threshold based on Disk Type:

Physical Disk Type Defined Threshold Value Nearline (NL) 75 Fibre Channel 10K RPM (FC 10) 150 Fibre Channel 15K RPM (FC 15) 200


PD Id Disk Type IOPS Date Time 4 NL 158 07/04/2015 23:23:55 4 NL 176 07/04/2015 18:50:02