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12H AUTORAID - hot spare

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12H AUTORAID - hot spare

I have this 12H with 8 disks all 9.2 gig except one with 18.2 gig. By Looking at the line "Used as Active Hot spare", I think if the 18.2 gig disk failed, the entire array will go down with it right? I also attach the output of the arraydsp command.

--- Disk space usage --------------------
Total physical = 78149 MB *
Allocated to LUNs = 30720 MB *
Used as Active Hot spare = 8683 MB *
Used by non-included disks = 0 MB *
Used for Redundancy = 21948 MB *
Unallocated (avail for LUNs) = 16798 MB *

Capacity = 8683 MB *
Capacity = 8683 MB *
Capacity = 17366 MB *
Capacity = 8683 MB *
Capacity = 8683 MB *
Capacity = 8683 MB *
Capacity = 8683 MB *
Capacity = 8683 MB *
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Re: 12H AUTORAID - hot spare

About active hot spare (from manual):

The Active Hot Spare feature of the disk array offers increased protection against disk failure. Active Hot
Spare, used in conjunction with Auto Rebuild, ensures that the disk array can restore data redundancy and
performance as quickly as possible following a disk failure.
Active Hot Spare reserves capacity to perform a rebuild in the event of a disk failure. If you are using disks
of different capacities in your array, Active Hot Spare reserves enough space to rebuild the largest disk
drive. Like logical drives, the capacity reserved for the Active Hot Spare is distributed across all the disks
in the arrayâ no one physical disk contains the Active Hot Spare.
Active Hot Spare is similar to the dedicated â hot spareâ disks used in some conventional disk arrays.
However, unlike conventional disk arrays that let the hot spare remain idle until it is needed, the disk array
uses the Active Hot Spare for RAID 0/1 storage until the spare is needed. This provides the added benefit
of enhancing performance while also protecting against disk failure.

Hope this helps!

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Re: 12H AUTORAID - hot spare


also from the manual, which also suggests that is not the case :-

Using Disks of Different Capacities
Disks of different capacities can be installed in the same array, providing maximum flexibility and
expandability for your disk array. This makes it easy to increase your arrayâ s data capacity as new, highercapacity
disks become available.
There is an important point to remember when using disks of different capacities in the same array: You
should add at least two high-capacity disks to the array to use their entire capacity. If you add a single highcapacity
disk, the array will not be able to use its full capacity. In this situation, the array can only use
capacity equal to that of the largest disk already installed in the array. For example, if your disk array has
only 4.3-Gigabyte disks and you add a single 9.1-Gigabyte disk, the array can only use 4.3 Gigabytes of the
high-capacity disk (at least until another 9.1-Gigabyte disk is added).