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12H Autoraid won't mount to 36GB disks


12H Autoraid won't mount to 36GB disks

I just added (4) 36GB disk drives to my 12H Autoraid. I cannot mount the new disk drives. The OS is 10.20. Do I have a firmware issue or possibly need a patch? Any other thoughts?
A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: 12H Autoraid won't mount to 36GB disks

I would download and install the HP62 firmware. It is installed using the "download" utility. Man download for details. This is not a 10.20 issue. If these were not brand-new disks or if Auto Include was not enabled then you will need to use the front panel to manually include each disk. Note: From the perspective of the OS these new disks (or any others) are COMPLETELY INVISIBLE. The only things tthat the host will see are LUN's. You will need to create (bind) new LUN's in order to utilize these new disks. You can use sam or the arraycfg command to bind LUN's. Man arraycfg, arraymgr, and arraydsp for details.

You should also note that you have absolutely no control over how data is actually allocated among the disks -- new or old. It's completely automatic, hence AutoRAID.
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