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12h autoraid - no address table

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Eric Firkey
Regular Advisor

12h autoraid - no address table

What does " no address table " mean on an 12h autoraid? Thanks.
Hartmut Lang
Trusted Contributor

Re: 12h autoraid - no address table

My AutoRAID User's Guide says:

Message: No Address Table

Explanation: No data maps are available for the controller module; data was lost due to missing disk modules or no VRAM image to match disk modules.

Action: Format the array or return the controller and logical drive sets. Call the support line.

A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: 12h autoraid - no address table

Hi Eric:

This is very much like your 'no quorum' message; data was lost because too many disks are missing/inoperative or NVRAM missing or does not match disk modules.

I think that I would remove all but 4 of your disk modules. Delete any LVOL's and try to format the array.
If it ain't broke, I can fix that.
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Re: 12h autoraid - no address table

Shutdown the array.

Take out the two controllers

Remove the batteries (completely - do not leave one in)

wait 10 seconds.

Reinsert batteries.

Insert controllers

Power on.

The array should find the maps on disk.

If not, use arrayrecover command to regen the maps.. (will take time)

It works for me (tm)
Insu Kim
Honored Contributor

Re: 12h autoraid - no address table

If the disk array is not shutdown properly, it's possible that the data maps in NVRAM memory will be lost.
For this reason, the disk array allows the data maps to be periodically written to the disk drives. if the maps are lost, an error code "No address table" wil appear on the display.
If your disk arrat is a boot device, you may have to recover the maps by using the front panel command called "Recover" under the "Cntl Changes" menu.

The best way that you can do at this moment is either to place a support call to HP to get help or format the array and create LUN(s) again if you don't have support agreement with HP.

Hope this helps,
Never say "no" first.

Re: 12h autoraid - no address table

Hi Eric, i too had the same problem .then i went for a recovery of data maps thru the control panel .it took hardly three to four hours for recovery of full data.it depends on the amnt of data u have.the data was undamaged and in its full form.nothing to worry abt.