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12h vs model 20 disk array


12h vs model 20 disk array

I've a hp 12h autoraid disk array , and a model 20 diskarray(combination of raid 5 and 1/0).

Both suppose to run OLTP application with oracle databases

From I/O point of view which disk array is better 12h or model 20 ?

any comparison between the above disk arrays ?

Thanks in advance.
A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: 12h vs model 20 disk array

Neither of these is going to set any performance records. From a pure performance perspective the Model 20 is a little better but the 12H is much easier to manage.

If you are doing anything database-related, you want to avoid RAID 5 and use only RAID 1/0.

To keep the 12H in 1/0 mode at all times, you
need to allocate no more than about 50% of the available space as LUN's. If you will setup all your VG's as 2 LUN's of equal size and let the primary path to LUN 0 be through Controller X (alternate Y) and LUN 1's primary path be through Controller Y (alternate X) and then stripe all the LVOL's in the VG across both LUN's in 64K chunks, you will be pleasantly surprised at how well the old 12H will perform. The 12H's greatest feature is ease of maintenance. If a disk fails, you simply remove the failed disk, insert replacement, and walk away.
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