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1783 Drive Array Controller Failure after Frimware Update

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

1783 Drive Array Controller Failure after Frimware Update

I?ve just built 4 x ML530 Rackmount Servers to the following specification ?

Dual PIII Xeon 1000, 1GB RAM, SMART Array 5304 with 128MB Cache,
Additional Drive Cage, Full Power and Fan Redundancy,
12 x 18.2GB 10K-II Ultra-3 Disks, configured as 2 x Arrays ?
Array A = 2 x Disks RAID 1 + Global Spare
Array B = 9 x Disks RAID ADG + Global Spare
40/80GB Internal DLT
NC3134 Dual Port NIC (replacing the standard NC3123)
Running Windows 2000 Advanced Server

I checked the System ROM was the latest version - V.4.08A (08/04/2001) and updated the Array Controller firmware to V.2.32. After which, the controller reported a 1770 POST error telling me that some of my drives required their firmware updating. I ran the Options ROMPaq for Internal SCSI Attached Drives, V3.02A which updated the drives to firmware revision B010.

Now, intermittently, during Array Controller initialisation, I get the following message ?

1783 ? Slot 8 Drive Array Controller Failure
[command failure (cmd=0h, err=00h, dlu=0f013:1e7fh)]

and the Server cannot continue booting. This happens on all 4 x Servers.

Do I have 4 faulty Array Controllers?

Is the controller and/or disk firmware at fault?

Has anyone else experienced or resolved this problem?

Does anyone from Compaq have a solution?