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2 rp3410 servers to a MSA30MI storage

kenny chia
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2 rp3410 servers to a MSA30MI storage

I am thinking of configuring 2 rp3410 servers to connect to a single MSA30MI storage.
The storage will be split into 2 portions and each portion assigned to each rp3410.
Please see attachment for details.
Is this configuration possible?
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Re: 2 rp3410 servers to a MSA30MI storage


you don't want to share the disks between the servers, right?
In this case your config looks good.

How do you want to configure RAID5 - Smartarray controller od VxVM?

In case you are using "normal" SCSI controllers - you need to adjust one of them in each server from SCSI ID 7 to 6 (using mptconfig) *before* connecting the cables.


# mptconfig -i 6 /dev/mpt10

Hope this helps!

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