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2nd system won't boot


2nd system won't boot


I have 2 N-class systems that I'm trying to set up to eventually become a SG cluster. I have the systems connected as shown in the attached diagram. The SC10s are set up in full-bus mode.

The SC10s have a home (mirrored across controllers on system 1) and local opt filesystems. I want to be able to share the home filesystem with system 2 when I create the SG.

Right now, the first system is up and operational (it might not be if I reboot though) and the second system will not boot - it panics.

Any ideas as to what I have done wrong?

Brian Street.

Re: 2nd system won't boot

whoops...I goofed on the cables connections...this one is correct.

Brian Street.
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: 2nd system won't boot

see yor original post. SC10 when in full bus mode forms one logical SCSI bus with both its BCCs, so hosts' HBAs should have different SCSI Ids to work properly - 7 and 6. By default both are 7. Go to one of the servers PDC and change SCSI adapters Ids to 6 using 'SCSI' command. As soon as you have 2 hosts with 2 HBAs each it's simpler to have one host with HBAs having Ids=7 and another host with HBAs having Ids=6